LibreJam - 202012

Overall Winner: StarDrag

The automatic star ship route planning system broke down. You are the leading engineer and need to control the stellar fleet manually now!

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Theme Winner: hardnav

A very difficult space arcade shooter. You have six systems that require energy, but your reactor can only produce four energy bars. Reroute energy to different systems while in combat in order to complete the objective.

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Graphics Winner: Asciinaut *and* Basic Lander

Asciinaut is a simple ASCII dodging game where you control an astronaut that moves down while dodging asteroids.

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Basic Lander is a clone of the 1979 arcade game Lunar Lander. It is playable and winnable, however it is minimalist to say the least.

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Lunar Lander (1979)

Sound Winner: Gatemender

Gatemender is an arcade-style game inspired by Asteroids. Dodge and destroy space debris while you try to repair warp-space gates to reach ever more dangerous locations!

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Basic Lander
Hull Breach (broken link!)