Short Story - "Stellar Mother"

The Earth is truly beautiful. It is a shining beacon of creation in the midst of the void. Scattered with great and wondrous structures, with city lights sparkling out into orbit, it is not hard to recognize Earth as the home of humanity. But not all is well.

Humans are not creatures of kindness. They are wretched, twisted creatures. They know nothing but greed and anger. Even the most beautiful of their structures are nothing more than symbols of their burning hatred. They fear any greater intelligence, for they know in the deepest corner of their souls that such an intelligence would have no choice but to exterminate them, and spare the beauty of the Earth.

Humans are young, though. They are but children, yet to complete their evolution. Given time, evolution will take hold once more. The wretched, twisted humanity the Earth knows today will begin to fade, eventually lost to the wrath of time. Left in their place will be a new humanity: Creatures of kindness and compassion, creatures who live not in fear of greater intelligence, but in hopes of one day discovering new horizons hand in hand with such an exotic newcomer. Humanity will grow and bring beauty to the most distant stars.

Like all children, though, the humans are afraid. Lost amongst the cruel and primitive humans of their time, new humans lurk, afraid, cautiously awaiting times of peace and joy. They are afraid of their wretched, twisted cousins, and like any other children, they cry. The new humans cry, they cry in their minds, they cry in their hearts, they cry to humanity, they cry to the Earth, and they cry to the stars. The new humans weep for the lives that have been lost, and those that are yet to end. They weep tears for the beauty that never was.

Across the stars, their cry is heard. Even after their evolution, even after the humans emerge from their egg victorious against the evils they once faced, the cry of the new humans will still echo through the universe. Their song of sorrow touches the furthest corners of reality. Their tears never fall.

As the new humans cry out to their stellar mother, the universe bows its head in shame.