Dreams and nightmares

Let's talk about dreams. Dreams are, well, strange. I have some interesting dreams though, and I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about them. I didn't use to have particularly notable dreams, but as I've started taking melatonin to sleep, my dreams have been extremely vivid, much stranger, and much more memorable. I don't want to go into the details of my dreams, not because they aren't interesting, but rather because that's a private aspect of my life that I don't want to share. I do want to talk about a pattern I noticed in them, though.

I have two kinds of dreams, for the most part: A recurring nightmare, and the weird stuff. Many people have recurring nightmares, which come in many forms; in my case, I dream that I'm lying in bed falling asleep. I'm unable to move and unable to talk, but I'm not paralyzed, I just can't will myself to do it. I feel afraid, like something very bad is about to happen, but mostly I feel trapped and helpless. Now, of course, to a certain extent dreams are just dreams, you can't read too much into them. But, I do find it interesting that I see those themes in my nightmares, because they are the very same negative feelings I feel during my waking hours: Feeling unable to motivate myself to do anything, feeling stuck with my life as it is and helpless to change the way things are.

But, nightmares aren't all that interesting. The dreams everyone's interested in are the strange ones, and oh boy, do I have some strange dreams. Again, I don't want to go into the details right now, maybe in the future, but I would like to mention that I see some patterns in those dreams as well, namely, that they're always pleasant. Sometimes good things are happening to me, sometimes bad things are happening, but I'm always happy. My theory as to why is that in order to lose something, you must first have something to lose; even though bad things happen in some of those dreams, my current circumstances must be better in order for something bad to happen, therefore, I'm always happier. Of course, that's not how life really works; something bad could happen to me now, even though I have none of the things I dream about, but it perhaps is how my brain works. We are often ignorant to the things we already have, for better or for worse.

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